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CERAMIKADESIGN Service is intended as a platform to promote Polish hand-made ceramics and artists who create original and unique ornamental patterns. Are aim is to show in the presented collections the evolution of design of the famous ceramics from Bolesławiec, which surprisingly is more popular abroad than in Poland. We hope this will change soon and the crafts of the artists who create the collections shown in CERAMIKADESIGN will impress you as well.

We would like to explain in a simple way the phases of ceramics manufacturing, its place in the history of functional art, and its unique artistic value. Therefore, we focus on the artists who created over 400 original ceramic decorations: their ideas, interests and inspirations. We want to show you that every collection, every ceramic pattern is a result of forces of five elements: earth, water, wind, fire and search for beauty, which in case of ceramics takes on a real, tangible form.

The collections that we present come from ”Manufaktura” Sp.J. Smoleński & Zwierz – Fabryka Naczyń Kamionkowych (Stoneware Ceramics Factory) in Bolesławiec, which since almost 20 years has the top position among Polish manufacturers of hand-crafted and hand-decorated tableware pottery with the stamping technique.


Ceramika Design